iOS Development Fundamentals: Private Offline Professional Training – DJBC


Mulai:11 Jul’22
Selesai:14 Jul’22
Hari:Senin – Kamis
Pukul:09.00 – 17.00 WIB
Durasi:32 Hours
Min. Peserta:6 Peserta
Confirm:6 Peserta
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1. Introduction to Core Data
2. Adding, Displaying, and Deleting Data
3. The Devil in the Detail View
4. Migrations and Versioning
5. Custom Managed Objetcs
6. Relationships, Fetched Properties, and Expressions
7. Behind Every iCloud
8. Peer-toPeer Using Multipeer Conectivity
9. Map Kit
10. Messaging : Mail, Social, and iMessage
11. Media Library Access and Playback
12. Lights, Camera, and Action
13. Interface Builder and Storyboards
14. Unit Testing, Debugging, and Instrument